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"Le Film Étranger" I 2008




A young woman ventures through the French countryside, distraught at the fact of losing her lover to her spiteful friend.  Dressed in a dark coat, consuming her figure, her nomadic journey solidifies the fact that she is alone in the "Country of Love."  While struggling down the clay-like, sandy French shore, the sight of a romantic picnic meters away renders her fragile heart helpless.  As the bitterness of solitude sets in, light appears in the form of something sweet.


Starring:  Sara Difeo

Story by:  Chris Rubalcaba

Screenplay by:  Morgan J. Steele

Music by:  Guillermo Carreon

Produced by:  Chris Rubalcaba & Morgan J. Steele

Directed by:  Chris Rubalcaba

Genre:  Drama

Run Time:  7 mins

Release Date:  July 26, 2008

This film is not rated.

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