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Golden California

Season 3

Episode 17:  Catalina Island


Herb Hendricks and his new bride travel under the sea to try and find the California state fish.

Episode 18:  The Capital


Herb Hendricks journeys to the State Capitol on a mission to save state parks from budget cuts but has trouble finding his meeting.

Episode 19:  The Drought


Herb Hendricks traverses the entirety of the California Republic to see the lasting effects of California's epic drought.

Episode 20:  Paramount Ranch


Herb Hendricks is excited to visit a California town that's the setting for hundreds of famous western movies except things aren't always what they seem.

Episode 21:  Reno, Nevada


Herb Hendricks ends up lost in Nevada and decides to use the opportunity to try and spread the good will of Californians to the locals.

Episode 22:  Fillmore & Western Railway


Herb Hendricks gets a lesson in how to operate a steam locomotive but quickly finds out the advantages of diesel technology.

Episode 23:  Space Shuttle


Herb Hendricks couldn't be more over-the-moon to meet a real life astronaut while learning about the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

Episode 24:  Poppy Reserve Redux


Herb Hendricks returns to his roots to bring us one of the most spectacular sights the state has to offer.

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