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Golden California

Season 1

Episode 1:  Poppy Reserve


Herb Hendricks brings his viewers to see the spectacular rolling hills blanketed in the California state flower, but has to improvise when he realizes something is missing.

Episode 2:  Modoc Forest


Herb Hendricks learns from a state park firefighter the proper way of building a safe campfire before starting a manly measuring contest.

Episode 3:  Elysian Park


Herb Hendricks visits a park in the heart of Los Angeles to meet the natives, but instead finds himself accidentally stalking one.

Episode 4:  Joshua Tree


Herb Hendricks takes his viewers to the beautiful Joshua Tree, but a simple nature walk turns into a dangerous life or death situation.

Episode 5:  Stairs of Silver Lake


Herb Hendricks journeys to Old Hollywood to see a location made famous by a Three Stooges film, but his goal of recreating the famous scene quickly becomes frustrating.

Episode 6:  Cuisine of Barstow


Herb Hendricks travels to luscious Barstow to explore the origins of the fast food industry that has grown into the major industry that it is today.

Episode 7:  LA River


Herb Hendricks learns from an activist that the LA River is not the fresh and natural resource he thought it was.

Episode 8:  Death Valley


Herb Hendricks travels to Death Valley to show his viewers the amazing sights, but his lingering personal with camerman Louie starts to affect the show.

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